Vituro Health Training Process

HIFU treatment for prostate cancer | Vituro Health Experience mattersThrough the Vituro Health Elite Center for HIFU Training, over 35 Board Certified physicians from private practice to academia have received peer-to-peer training and proctoring. This unique training ensures that Vituro Health patients achieve the best outcomes for treating their prostate cancer and maintaining their quality of life. At the start of 2020, Vituro Health also started offering TULSA-PRO® training for our partners by Dr. Stephen Scionti.

Collectively, Vituro Health physicians have more experience than any other ablation providers in the country. Our course offering not only sets physicians on a pathway to success for each patient case, but it also sets them apart from others performing ablation treatments.

Vituro Health is able to ensure quality of care because of the extensive training protocols that are regulated by our medical board, under the direction of Dr. Stephen Scionti, the leading ablative surgeon in the U.S.

Following the training, partner physicians treat patients alongside Dr. Scionti as the lead surgeon in Sarasota, FL. Once the partner physicians have mastered the core concepts of HIFU and TULSA-PRO®, they are assisted in opening their local ablative centers. Once open, Dr. Scionti and other proctors are on-site for the initial cases until the physician partner is issued a certificate proving they can conduct safe and effective ablation therapy.

Since the FDA approved the Sonablate, Ablatherm, and TULSA-PRO® devices for prostate tissue ablation, more and more doctors in the U.S. are offering the therapies to their patients, often without the proper training and without any peer-to-peer oversight. Vituro Health Medical Director Stephen Scionti is the most experienced board-certified ablative surgeon in the United States.

With Dr. Scionti and the other members of our physician board, Vituro is able to offer the most stringent training protocols, which far exceed the manufacturers’ requirements. Each patient is reviewed by Dr. Scionti before treatment to ensure proper treatment selection. We recommend all patients inquire as to experience and training prior to choosing a provider.

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