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Vituro Health’s approach is designed to provide our patients exceptional patient-centric, customizable, non-invasive experience. Our practices and physicians share a common sensibility and passion to change how prostate cancer is treated and become a center of exceptional medicine.

So many of our patients ask, “what is next after treatment?”. This lead us to explore options on how to provide our patients with a complete wellness program.

We have a vetted plan for men’s wellness of nutraceutical support.  We have developed a supplement protocol with our physicians.

Schedule your 30-minute consultation with our Registered Nurse Toni. During your consultation you can expect the following:

  • A careful review of your completed intake form
  • A conversation about your health goals
  • A review of any medications you may be on
  • A review and optimization of dietary supplements
  • A review of your nutritional status
  • A question-and-answer session



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