Vituro Health Selected for Elite HIFU Training, Superior Outcomes, and Excellent Patient Care by Physicians in Las Vegas, NV

October 19, 2016

Vituro Health, a comprehensive prostate care provider that empowers men during all stages of life, has partnered with ten experienced physicians in the Las Vegas area to offer the latest in prostate cancer management services, including advanced diagnostics, navigation services, patient financing, concierge medicine offerings and the minimally invasive high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) therapy. Vituro Health physicians have done more HIFU procedures than any other company or group in the US and provides the most comprehensive training program to ensure quality for each patient treated. HIFU received FDA clearance for use in the US in October of 2015 but the procedure had been available for many years throughout the world. With the advancements in technology using MRI’s, focal biopsy’s and HIFU, the approximately 2 million men with prostate cancer now have treatment options which are less invasive, radiation free and without the common side effects of erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

“We are very pleased to welcome these doctors into the Vituro Health family. Our doctors understand that taking time to listen and build a precise plan for every patients needs can only be accomplished by offering all the treatment options available, including the new HIFU technology,” said Clete Walker, CEO of Vituro Health.

Michael Verni, M.D., FACS of Urology Center Las Vegas, is excited to bring HIFU treatment for prostate cancer to Nevada. “In the past, patients would have to travel to Mexico or the Bahamas to have this done. It’s nice to have an additional approach to treatment for patients locally.”

Verni is confident that the partnership with Vituro Health will be a successful one. “They have a long track record of treating patients with this modality, they offer the most comprehensive and thorough training program for physicians and they have experienced excellent results.”

Mark Leo, M.D., Director of Operations at Urology Specialists of Nevada, has also treated a number of patients offshore, and feels that the ability to perform MRI guided fusion biopsies in advance of HIFU will give his patients the option of precise and individualized therapy.

Sheldon Freedman, M.D., who has been in private practice in Las Vegas for the past 33 years, says he chose to partner with Vituro Health because of the experience and leadership the company offers.

“Medical Director Stephen Scionti, M.D. is the most experienced HIFU physician in the US and a great resource to have. I am very excited to work with him and be able to offer this technology to my patients because the side effect profile is so favorable.”

Freedman also cites the ability to treat the cancer focally as a big plus. “HIFU is the only approach that allows for just the affected part of the prostate to be treated, allowing for decreased invasiveness.”

Ronald Lowry, who underwent HIFU on August 24th, 2016, says he received outstanding treatment both during the procedure and throughout his recovery. “I am very pleased with the results of the procedure so far and I know that is in large part because of the skill and expertise of my physician and the Vituro Health Nurse who was available 24/7.”

Patients seeking HIFU treatment can begin making appointments with partner physicians by calling 1.866.4VITURO (848876) or visiting Vituro Health’s website.

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