Vituro Health Provides Partner Physicians With The Most Advanced HIFU Training Program

May 11, 2017

Vituro Health, a comprehensive prostate care provider that empowers men during all stages of life, provides partner physicians with the most advanced High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) training program of any HIFU provider.

The rigorous training program that all partner physicians are required to go through allows Vituro Health to provide superior outcomes for prostate cancer patients. The course offering not only sets physicians on a pathway to success for each patient case, it also sets them apart from others performing HIFU treatments. Vituro Health is able to ensure quality because of the robust training protocols that are regulated by our medical board, at the direction of Dr. Stephen Scionti, the leading HIFU physician in the U.S.

“The Vituro Health HIFU Training Program offers the most comprehensive training and support program in the United States to our affiliated urologists. The advanced MRI based diagnostic and treatment protocols employed by Vituro physicians ensure that our patients receive appropriate sophisticated, personalized HIFU treatment that preserves prostate tissue when possible, resulting in excellent preservation of urinary and sexual function,” says Medical Director Dr. Stephen Scionti. “At Vituro Health, we believe that experience and comprehensive physician training are essential for great patient outcomes.”

Since launching the first Elite Center for HIFU training one year ago, Vituro Health physicians have successfully treated hundreds of patients from around the world.

Scionti has worked extensively with HIFU and with over 1000 successful procedures is considered one of the world’s most experienced HIFU surgeons. He has collaborated with leading medical treatment centers around the world to help perfect HIFU technology. All of Vituro Health’s partner physicians receive extensive, hands-on training directly from Scionti.

One partner who has recently been through the training program is Dr. Mark Leo of Urology Specialists of Nevada. Leo will be presenting at the American Urological Association (AUA) Annual Meeting May 13th, 2017, on how to successfully incorporate HIFU for prostate cancer into your practice.

Most recently, Vituro Health began treating patients in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania through a partnership with Dr. Jack Barkin of Can-Am HIFU and Dr. Peter Sinaiko of Urology Care Alliance. With this addition, Vituro has seen over a 300 percent increase in treatment sites throughout the United States in the past year. Vituro Health offers monthly training programs for qualified physicians at its Sarasota Elite Center for HIFU training.

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