Vituro Health partners with Kasraeian Urology to bring HIFU prostate cancer treatment to patients in northeast Florida

May 5, 2016

Men with prostate cancer in northeast Florida now have a new, minimally invasive option available for treatment. Vituro Health is pleased to announce its partnership with Kasraeian Urology, making high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) therapy available to patients in Jacksonville, Fla.

“Kasraeian Urology has been a local leader in innovative prostate cancer care for three decades, including building one of the largest multiparametric MRI (mp-MRI) fusion-guided biopsy programs in the private practice setting,” said Clete Walker, CEO of Vituro Health. “This partnership and the ability to offer HIFU is a natural progression for their practice, and it is one Vituro Health is very proud to be a part of.”

Ali Kasraeian, M.D., FACS, has performed HIFU procedures alongside leading U.S. HIFU expert and Vituro Health Medical Director Stephen Scionti, M.D., since 2008, at the International HIFU Prostate Cancer Centers in the Caribbean and Mexico. Kasraeian is in practice with his father, Ahmad Kasraeian, M.D., FACS, CEO and founder of Kasraeian Urology.

“Growing the practice alongside my dad is an opportunity I could not pass up, similar to partnering with Vituro Health to be able to offer our patients HIFU therapy,” Kasraeian said.

Kasraeian says since the October 2015 FDA clearance of the treatment, he has been eager to offer HIFU locally to his patients because the therapy treats cancer with a much reduced side-effect profile that preserves quality of life.

“Performing HIFU treatments over the years with Dr. Scionti, I have been able to witness firsthand his passion for ensuring new HIFU physicians are properly educated on this highly complex, yet effective, procedure,” Kasraeian said. “Patient outcomes are clearly the number one priority and that is what made it an easy decision for me to begin this new partnership with Vituro Health.”

Kasraeian Urology plans to begin treating eligible patients with HIFU therapy by the end of May.

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