Vituro Health Announces Medicare Elite Access Program for HIFU

April 19, 2018

HIFU prostate cancer treatment medicare program

Vituro Health has created the Medicare Elite Access (MEA) program to allow enhanced access for prostate cancer patients to the most experienced HIFU physicians in the United States. This program expands Vituro Health’s already robust Insurance Reimbursement Assistance (IRA) program.  The MEA program is designed to connect a Medicare patient with a Vituro trained HIFU physician and assist the patient with all reimbursement opportunities.  According to Dr. Stephen Scionti, Medical Director of Vituro Health, “HIFU offers patients a greater quality of life by significantly lowering the side effects of erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence, and now HIFU will be more affordable for Medicare patients with prostate cancer. When performed by an experienced physician, prostate ablation with HIFU offers better preservation of quality of life than radical treatments and is an ideal treatment for many Medicare patients.”

Medicare created a C-code in July of 2017 for the facility costs of HIFU treatment and in recent months has begun reimbursing in certain regions of the United States.  C-codes are unique temporary pricing codes established by CMS that apply only to the hospital outpatient setting and the ambulatory surgery center setting. The C-code does not apply to physician services or the specialty services provided by the Vituro Health Patient Care Team.  The Care Team will assist patients in locating the most experienced HIFU physicians in regions where Medicare reimbursement is possible, ensuring the lowest out-of-pocket costs to the patient. “Medicare acknowledges the value of access to HIFU for patients diagnosed with prostate cancer.  With the new technologies available, all men should begin testing and diagnosing for prostate cancer at age 40 and above. We can now treat patients that qualify with a non-invasive, radiation free treatment that drastically reduces the common side effects of traditional treatments,” says Clete Walker CEO of Vituro Health.

To locate a member of our experienced HIFU Medical team or learn more information about HIFU and reimbursement, please visit or call our Elite Access Line at 866-4-VITURO (8488876).

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