PSA test opinion editorial from Tracy Gapin, M.D., published by the Orlando Sentinel

April 19, 2016

Vituro Health physician Dr. Tracy GapinThe PSA test has come under fire in recent years by some health officials. Vituro Health partner physician Tracy Gapin, M.D., founder of Sarasota Prostate Care, defended the controversial screening in a recent opinion editorial in the Orlando Sentinel. This short read discusses the importance of screening while breaking down statistics and facts.

The battle that has long brewed over the prostate-specific antigen test bubbled up recently when the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services considered penalizing doctors who ordered “nonrecommended” PSA screenings. 

“We should not stick our heads in the sand. We should detect cancers that need to be detected and treat them,” Gapin wrote.

Read the full article from the Orlando Sentinel.

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