New Minimally Invasive, Radiation Free Treatment for Prostate Cancer Now Available in Arizona through Vituro Health

May 16, 2018

Vituro Health, the leading provider of high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), has partnered with 2 highly skilled urologists in Arizona. Dr. Jerry Greenberg, employed by Tenet Health in Tucson and Dr. Joseph Worischeck, with Southwest Urologic Specialists in Phoenix are now offering HIFU as an option for prostate cancer patients who will be treated locally in Arizona. Additionally, with the recent launch of the Vituro Health Medicare Elite Access (MEA) program, the life-changing HIFU treatment will be more accessible to Medicare patients in Arizona. Medicare has issued a code which if paid covers the facility and machine portion of the treatment, lowering the out-of-pocket cost to approximately $12,000.

HIFU is a safe, effective treatment for prostate cancer with fewer side effects compared to traditional treatments like surgery or radiation. Patients have a much greater quality of life post-treatment and are able to resume normal activities in under a week. However, physicians need experience and peer to peer training to treat patients properly. “I selected Vituro Health for their focus on training physicians and embracing quality and patient outcomes,” said Dr. Greenberg. “There are physicians who do this procedure with very little experience and oversight. Vituro Health has the most experienced HIFU physicians in the country and we have their direction on all cases until we are proficient ourselves.”

HIFU was cleared by the FDA in October of 2015, leading the way for prostate cancer patients to have a minimally invasive treatment that allows them to retain quality of life functions. Even though the procedure has not been officially recognized by most commercial insurance companies, Medicare issued a payment code for part of the procedure and CIGNA has officially began paying for HIFU as a salvage treatment after radiation failure. Additionally, most patients have been able to successfully appeal denials and receive some reimbursement from their insurance carriers.

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