HIFU Performed by Vituro Health Physicians Provides a Prostate Cancer Treatment That Preserves Quality of Life

August 7, 2017

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), when performed by a properly trained and skilled Board Certified Urologist, continues to be a viable Prostate Cancer Treatment. HIFU allows men to maintain their quality of life and avoid the common side effects resulting from traditional treatments like robotic radical prostatectomy and radiation.

On July 20th, 2017 a Sarasota urologist was arrested for continuing to practice medicine, after the Florida Board of Medicine revoked his license. Both physicians and patients raised complaints that this physician diagnosed and prescribed treatment for prostate cancer based on prostate MRI findings alone. He informed his patients that a prostate biopsy should be avoided because the biopsy would cause the cancer cells to spread.

These patients, being fearful of having prostate cancer, were encouraged to have HIFU treatment immediately. Some of these patients did not actually have prostate cancer, and were frightened into undergoing a treatment that they did not need.

This scenario is a perfect example of why experience matters when it comes to choosing a physician.  Vituro Health provides a Precision Prostate Management Program (PPMP) for patients and ensures that patients receive the proper treatment they need by only highly skilled physicians.

Through the Vituro Health Elite Center for HIFU Training, over 35 Board Certified physicians from private practice to academia have received peer-to-peer training and proctoring. This unique training ensures that Vituro Health patients achieve the best outcomes for treating their prostate cancer and maintaining their quality of life. Collectively, the Vituro Health physicians have more experience than any other providers in the country.
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