Concierge Medicine Today features Vituro Health

March 30, 2016

It is a growing healthcare trend in the U.S., concierge care, and recently, Vituro Health partner physician Dr. Vahan Kassabian explained exactly what it is. Now his expertise has been shared in the Concierge Medicine Today Spotlight. The article goes in-depth discussing the benefits of the fast-growing method in the healthcare field.

More and more doctors are using concierge medicine to offer more personalized care. Vituro Health does so through an integrated model that encompasses total prostate health management from partnering in choosing the right physician, navigating the diagnostic process to ensure a personalized plan, to assisting each patient with appointments, necessary travel and making each patient a priority.


“Concierge medicine is pretty straightforward and simple,” said Kassabian. “What it can offer that other care models do not is to treat patients, not just their cancer.”

Read the full post on Concierge Medicine Today.

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