Searching for a HIFU physician for prostate cancer? Before you make your decision, make sure you have a trained HIFU physician on your side!

Too often a HIFU machine simply is installed and the new HIFU physician will be at the direction of a technician to learn about the procedure. A lack of proper training can result in unnecessary complications from the HIFU procedure. The advantages of HIFU performed by an experienced, peer-to-peer trained physician, such as those at Vituro Health, are the reduced risks of side effects and better treatment effectiveness against prostate cancer. We insist upon quality training and ensure that our physicians are prepared by following the most advanced protocols.

Vituro Health Medical Director Stephen Scionti is the most experienced board certified HIFU doctor in the United States.  With Dr. Scionti and the other members of our physician board, Vituro is able to offer the most stringent training protocols, which far exceed the manufacturer’s requirements. These standards result in the best possible outcomes for each patient.

HIFU treatment for prostate cancer | Vituro Health Experience mattersWhile HIFU is an extremely effective and safe treatment when performed by a physician well-trained in the technology, it can be dangerous in the hands of someone without sufficient training and supervision. That is where the importance of the peer-to-peer training required by Vituro Health comes in. Our highly experienced doctors are there to teach new HIFU physicians,  proctoring their procedures until they have completed all steps of the training program and been deemed proficient in performing the therapy.

Patients who wish to experience the advantages of this minimally invasive technology are implored to do their homework and find the best physician with the most HIFU experience possible, good outcomes are obtained by skilled and highly experienced HIFU physicians.

It is required of every Vituro Health HIFU physician to spend time in our Sarasota, Florida training center to ensure quality by providing core required knowledge and a rigorous training program. Others may not have such stringent requirements. Be sure to check.

Patients treated through Vituro Health partner physicians encounter a decreased risk of side effects after HIFU because of the expertise of our physicians. Along with the ability to customize treatment plans and use of advanced diagnostics, patients receive experience superior outcomes. HIFU is only advantageous if performed properly by a highly-skilled physician and in a precise manner.

Over 35 Board Certified physicians from private practice to academia have received peer-to-peer training and proctoring at Vituro Health. Collectively, our physicians have more experience than any other HIFU providers in the country


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