Vituro Introduces Patient Ambassador Program

May 20, 2016

After a life-changing diagnosis, like prostate cancer, you can feel stranded – on an island by yourself where no one around you can understand what you are about to go through. Enter: patient ambassadors.

Patient Perspective: Dwight Miller

May 13, 2016

When you are never lacking on things to do, dealing with a prostate cancer diagnosis can be a sure way to force you to slow down. For 63-year-old Champaign, Ill., native Dwight Miller, there was no time to stop. This married business owner and parent of two grown children works out five days a week, is a competitive dancer and travels to Florida regularly.

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In His Own Words: Clete Walker

April 29, 2016

If it feels as though most people you come across have known someone with cancer or themselves been impacted by cancer in some way, there is a reason why. In 2016 alone, there will be an estimated 1,685,210 new cases of cancer diagnosed in the United States and approximately 180,890 will be prostate cancer. Vituro Health CEO Clete Walker wanted to find a way to help all men affected by prostate cancer.

Study shows HIFU preserves quality of life

April 22, 2016

HIFU has traditionally been used to treat the entire prostate gland. However, recent studies suggest that partial gland, or focal, HIFU treatment may be a safer and effective treatment in select patients. The largest study to date on focal HIFU treatment has just been presented with exciting results.

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