January 20, 2017

Patient Perspective: Brian Zongol

Brian Zongol HIFU patient

Brian Zongol HIFU patient

When Florida native Brian Zongol was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he knew that two key factors would determine the treatment he chose. Mr. Zongol knew that he wanted to continue living an active lifestyle, and that his quality of life is just as important as his quantity of life. After lengthy discussions with Vituro Health partner physician Dr. Tracy Gapin, Mr. Zongol ultimately decided that HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) was the best treatment for his prostate cancer.

Mr. Zongol tells us firsthand about his experience as a HIFU patient.


“When I received the news confirming my prostate cancer existence, I was referred to Dr. Gapin. He immediately went over my diagnosis and dialed me in to what the current treatment options were for prostate cancer. He then gave me a huge amount of website and hard copy literature to help educate myself and my wife before we made a final decision on how I wanted to proceed.

During the grueling and very emotional process in making a decision, Dr. Gapin was always accessible via email and phone to answer all of my questions. He never wavered on his approach to make sure I was comfortable with the materials and information he provided for my personal research. He stated on many occasions during our discussions that he would support whatever decision I made as a result of my research. His compassion and knowledge as a professional physician in my viewpoint are unsurpassed. I am very grateful to have been strongly referred to him by my primary care physician.

After completing my research and having my questions answered openly and honestly by Dr. Gapin, my wife and I kept coming back to the same conclusion: that HIFU was the only way to treat my cancer. The key medical factors that ultimately made my final decision were:

  1. Actual scope of the treatment procedures and potential long term physical effects
  2. Length of treatment and recovery (time away from work)
  3. Potential long term lifestyle effects of the alternative treatment results.
  4. Cost to benefit factors.

Ultimately, the reason I chose to proceed with HIFU was based on two beliefs; that my “quality of life” is just as important as my “quantity of life”, and I was not going to sell myself short of any goals, dreams or aspirations to live an active lifestyle which the other options would certainly limit me from experiencing after surgery.

On the day of my procedure in August of 2016, from the moment my wife and I entered the surgery center in Sarasota, we were greeted by members of the awesome Vituro Staff who walked us through the pre-surgery and post-surgery briefing with all the compassion and true concern that one could not imagine possible. Their send off with well wishes on our departure were so heart felt. We were very touched by the whole experience. They are all deserving of special mention.

When I returned home that afternoon the only limiting factor that I had to contend with was the catheter. After it was removed on the morning of the 5th day, I was able to proceed directly back to my place of business and resumed life as if the HIFU procedure never happened. Since that day, I have not experienced any other post-surgery recovery issues (not one). HIFU is simply amazing!

My HIFU experience has without a doubt proven to be an amazing alternative procedure to the traditional approach for treating prostate cancer and it has enabled me to live a normal lifestyle today.”

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