November 5, 2021

Clete Walker on the November 4 Kurre & Klapow Show

Clete Walker Tony Kurre Radio | Vituro HealthVituro Health CEO Clete Walker went on the November 4 Kurre & Klapow Show on Tony Kurre Radio to discuss the upcoming Beyond Blue Event from the Mike Slive Foundation, prostate cancer in today’s society, treatment options, and more! Clete went into great detail about his friendship with Mike Slive and his legacy. He also discussed what you can expect at the event like the silent auction and the speakers that will be present at this fantastic event. If you would like to purchase tickets or donate to the Mike Slive Foundation for prostate cancer research you can visit their website!

Tags: HIFU, men's health, Prostate Health, and TULSA-PRO®


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