July 7, 2021

Clete Walker and Dr. Tracy Gapin on the Jay Barker Show 7/2/2021

Vituro Health CEO Clete Walker and partner physician Dr. Tracy Gapin made an appearance on the Jay Barker Show on July 2, 2021, to discuss a wide variety of topics in men’s health and the exciting new programs that Vituro Health will be offering in partnership with the Gapin Institute. These new programs include Male VIP and POWRGEN. Male VIP is a network of Men’s Health Experts and Board-Certified Urologists bringing a personalized, data-driven approach to complete men’s telehealth solutions. This new program will offer cutting edge genetic & epigenetic science with physiology, biochemistry, brain/peak performance, hormones, lifestyle, and positive psychology for personalized solutions so you can access your limitless potential to thrive. POWRGEN is a peak performance program for athletes that pairs genomic analysis and health coaching to power athletic potential. Listen to Clete and Dr. Gapin break this all down in the audio player above! To learn more about these programs, check out their websites!
MALE VIP Website

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