June 20, 2018

How To Choose Your HIFU Physician

Although HIFU treatment for prostate cancer has been available internationally for two decades, the therapy remains relatively new to the United States. Some HIFU physicians lack the years of experience and technical training required to master this complex, yet highly effective procedure. A handful of U.S.-based physicians, including Vituro Health Medical Director Stephen Scionti, M.D., have been performing HIFU for many years, earning him the distinction of being considered one of the worlds most skilled HIFU surgeons. After you have decided on HIFU treatment for prostate cancer, be sure to consider the following factors.

Experience Matters

If the HIFU physician is new to the procedure, inquire if the new physician has a mentor in the form of an experienced physician proctor to oversee your procedure. Vituro Health patients benefit from our commitment to ensuring all partner physicians are taught how to perform HIFU properly, have extensive proctored experience, peer-to-peer training, and are fluent in the protocols we have set forth to result in the best outcomes for each patient.

Advanced Diagnostics

While a biopsy can confirm you have cancer, knowing the exact location of cancerous cells on the prostate is preferred by expert HIFU physicians. They will employ the use of an MRI to design the treatment accordingly; making sure the energy is concentrated in the right place to kill the cancer. Vituro Health patients get a personalized and precise treatment because of our ability to customize each treatment with the use of advanced diagnostics.

Level of HIFU education

It is required for every Vituro Health physician to spend time at our Center of Excellence Training facility in Sarasota, Florida and complete a rigorous training program. The detailed course offering and stringent protocols set our physicians apart from others performing HIFU treatments. Our highly detailed approach has a direct correlation with superior patient outcomes. Lack of proper training can result in unnecessary complications. The advantages of choosing a highly trained physician include better ablation (or tumor kill)  and reduced risks of erectile dysfunction, incontinence, and urinary strictures.

Peer to Peer Training

Vituro Health offers the only peer-to-peer training course, and collectively, our physicians have more experience than any other HIFU provider in the United States. While HIFU is an extremely effective and safe treatment when performed by a physician well-trained in the technology, it is dangerous in the hands of someone without sufficient training and supervision. Partner physicians who have already completed the training program help instruct new HIFU physicians and proctor their procedures until they have been deemed proficient in performing the therapy. Education is key, and a Vituro physician will not independently treat a patient until they are well trained and signed off on by the Medical Director, who oversees procedures to ensure that the highest standards are met.

Patients who wish to experience the advantages of this minimally invasive technology are implored to do their homework and find the best physician with the most HIFU experience possible. To find Vituro Health trained physicians near you, visit viturohealth.com/physicians or call 866-4-VITURO

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