January 18, 2018

6 Tips For A Healthy 2018

With the New Year, come new goals and resolutions. If taking control of your prostate health isn’t already on your list, consider adding it. Many of the preventative measures taken for your prostate can have positive affects on your overall physical and mental condition. Follow these guidelines to achieve optimal prostate health.



Getting at least a half hour of physical activity most days of the week is shown to deliver solid health benefits. Weight loss, increased energy, and reduced feelings of anxiety and depression are a few of the advantages you probably already know of. Although relatively few studies have looked at the impact of exercise specifically on prostate health, the ones that have suggest that regular physical activity can be good for the walnut-sized gland. Men who are physically active are less likely to suffer from BPH, have less prostatitis pain, and are even less likely to have their prostate cancer progress.

Get screened

As you get older, your risk of developing prostate cancer increases. Men of all ages should see their doctor yearly for a checkup. At age 50 it is recommended to have a conversation with your doctor about potentially getting a PSA test. If you have a family history of prostate cancer or are considered to be at a high risk, PSA testing should start around age 40.

Add certain vegetables to your diet

Leafy green vegetables have been proven to contain anti-cancer properties. Incorporating these into your diet, while reducing your intake of fried and  fats foods can aid in prevention and even slow the growth of already existing prostate cancer. Examples of cruciferous vegetables are cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, arugula and broccoli. If you want to take things a step further, you can add raw broccoli sprouts. They contain the highest concentration of a compound called sulforaphane, which research has shown can reduce inflammation that triggers cancer, potentially reducing cancer risk.

Get adequate sleep

Lack of proper sleep can cause serious issues over time. Specifically, researchers found that men with sleeping problems are twice as likely  to develop prostate cancer. An occasional sleepless night usually isn’t much of a problem, but running a sleep deficit over time can cause serious issues.   Every system in your body is affected by lack of sleep. Restorative sleep is an essential ingredient for a healthy mind and body. There are several measures you can take to improve the quality of your sleep, and in turn, your health. If you suffer from sleep problems, try to incorporate a few of these ideas into your routine

Manage your stress

In our fast-paced world, sometimes it can be hard to find a reason not to feel stressed. From traffic, to money, to work, it can seem overwhelming at times. But there is good reason to relax. Over time, chronic stress can lead to serious health problems. Find a stress management technique that works  for you, and incorporate it into your daily routine.

Quit smoking

If you are a smoker, consider quitting. The more a man smokes, the higher his odds are of being diagnosed with cancer that is aggressive and has already spread beyond the prostate. Furthermore, men who smoke are more likely to die from their prostate cancer than men who do not.

In addition to preventing prostate cancer from occurring and spreading, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can aid in the recovery process. Proper nutrition will help you regain strength after treatment, and making healthy food choices in your survivorship may lower your risk of recurrence and help you live longer.

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