Peter Clemens

Vituro Health Board Member Peter ClemensPeter Clemens has always been involved with healthcare companies that are well positioned strategically. First, he worked at Caremark for 15 years which saves plan sponsors and patients money on pharmaceuticals while ensuring they have the best outcomes available. He then worked at Surgical Care Affiliates, which also saved health plans and patients money through its outpatient facilities and also had excellent outcomes from a clinical standpoint. Peter wanted to be on the board because Vituro has similar positioning with its prostate cancer procedures and concierge business. The company offers a very high quality choice for patients with strong clinical outcomes and little side effects relative to the traditional surgical options. In addition, both Dr. Scionti and Clete Walker have vast experience in healthcare. So his interest to serve on the board was the result of Vituro’s strategic positioning and its strong founding management team.

Peter thinks good management surrounds itself with excellent talent, and then over time allows managers to do their job, make decisions and drive the business. He believes in measuring operational performance and understanding the drivers of any business in order to influence the future. He thinks strong values are extremely important and should be part of the DNA of any business.

He is currently retired from full-time work and enjoys business consulting from time to time and spending time with his family. He has been married since 1988 and has two adult children.