Patient concierge offerings

The Vituro Health concierge prostate care program offers patients personalized programs to determine the best courses of action and treatment for their specific situations and needs. Our integrated, concierge-care model encompasses total prostate health management from partnering in choosing the right physician, navigating the diagnostic process to ensure a personalized plan, to assisting each patient with appointments, necessary travel and making each patient a priority. Many benefits to concierge care have been documented, including that concierge medicine practices can help patients save money on their healthcare costs, lowers the amount of hospitalizations for a patient and results in fewer necessary visits to a specialist, as well as fewer surgeries. Among the perks of concierge care at Vituro Health are the ability to schedule appointments sooner, sometimes same-day; access to a physician 24/7 and more time with a physician discussing health status and how they can prevent and treat disease.

Each patient has a personalized diagnostic and treatment program and our patient care coordinator will walk through the process as your partner.